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  • Sep 10, 2012

    Hoarding: The New Epidemic

    Article by Kenneth Krems featured in Bay State Apartment Owner publication

    It's time for the annual apartment inspection, so you open the door and go in. Only then do you realize you have just entered the twilight zone.

    You look around and can't believe what you see. To the right, floor-to-ceiling stacks of papers, magazines and books. To the left, enormous piles upon piles of clothes and bags. You step further into the living room and can now see the door to one of the bedrooms, but realize the room is completely inaccessible because of the mountains of stuff. You peek into the bathroom -- the tub is full of clothes and papers. The kitchen stove is covered with open food, magazines and boxes. There is evidence of roaches and mice all around. The apartment is a disaster.

    The resident is a hoarder.
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